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Our Story

Cabana is the brain child of best friends and mixed martial artists, Jun and Khyn. Competing in MMA required them to constantly watch their diets to ensure that their bodies were fueled with the right nutrients to support their demanding training regimens. There was just one problem – Jun and Khyn loved their food, and indulging in the many sweet and savoury temptations of Malaysia was a surefire recipe for disaster come training time. Of course, that was until they discovered açaí.


It was during one of Jun’s training camps in Singapore that they first encountered the Brazilian delicacy. Truth be told, they had no idea what to expect. But it didn’t take them long to see what all the hype was about. It was a meal replacement, a nutrient-dense snack, and a refreshing dessert all rolled into one. And it was delicious. They’ve been hooked ever since.


Açaí bowls satisfied their cravings without giving them the dreaded sugar crash after. And because of the nutrients found in its primary ingredient – açaí berries, the bowls gave them energy and fuel to support their active lifestyles. It was the perfect solution to their problems! Except that it wasn’t. Because as soon as they left the island of Singapore and went back to Malaysia, açaí bowls became a rare sighting. Authentic açaí bowls made from frozen açaí pulp? The likes of which they devoured on a daily basis in Singapore? Try non-existent.


That was when the boys made it their personal mission to bring authentic açaí bowls to Malaysia and invited several like-minded individuals to join them on their journey. The Cabana brand is a manifestation of that mission and represents a promise from our founders to the rest of Malaysia of serving only premium quality açaí products made from the best possible ingredients. Because whether you’re having a long day at the office or grinding through a tough workout, there’s never a bad time for a little açaí in your life.